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I've been going back through my old e-mail address' e-mails, and I FINALLY found my review I put up on the yahoo group 'OfficialBarrowmanTalk'.

This was posted on 2 June 09, one day after, after school :)

If you're interested in reading it I'll put it behind the cut, 'cause it's a bit long *sheepish smile*

I don't know if I should put spoiler space?
But I'll put it anyway XD


Wow. What an amazing night. First time I've seen him perform live and I wasn't disappointed. It was fantastic, fantastic, fantastic XD.

Lol there's me walking round the ground level corridor about 30 minutes before the show started, nearly dragging my mum along to try and find the merchandise stand. I was a little disappointed as they didn't have the shirt with all his tour dates on, in the black design, as they had all sold out, but I got the white version instead so, oh well :P. I also got a programme and the keyring. I wish they would have sold badges, 'cause then I could have worn it to school and showed it off to people, but oh well xP.

I couldn't have been more happier that he started off with 'What About Us?' (EDIT: 15/1/10 He sang the Tonight's The Night Medley first actually, then What About Us) it was truly amazing. My favourite songs were definately; What About Us, Both Sides Now, I Won't Send Roses, Goodbye My Friend (that one made me cry, aww and John sang the last bit to the screen behind him that showed his dogs :'(), I Am What I Am, From A Distance and there were many more...

OMG, I absolutely LOVED the 'Livin' La Vida Loca' number, especially when he started undoing the buttons on his shirt, everyone was cheering lol (including me haha :P). Today at school, I took in my camera, that my mum took photos on, and kept re-watching the video of LLVL and loving the bit where he undone his shirt XD.

I remember half way through, I went upstairs (I was in the lower ground bit), and there was a MASSIVE queue for the ladies toilets. I went up there to get the keyring, and on the way back down the stairs some nice scottish lady asked me if the toilets down there were packed, and I didn't know, so we went down there, and there were about 3 people in the queue lol.

John kept on favouring his left side, and picking on us in the middle :(. Damn people in the middle who wouldn't do anything lols.

I was laughing myself silly, when he combined showtunes with his scottish heritage lols. That had to be one of the funniest bits ever.

Ooo, and the bit where he said he was gonna tell us something, but we had to trust him and say the safe word, so he told us to say 'Shite', and everyone shouted it. Then, he started laughing his head off and said 'Oh my god, I just got the Royal Albert Hall to say shite!'. I was laughing my head off then too :P.

Haha, that reminds me of the stories he was telling us about, of someone at his dad's work called something Shite (I can't remember, my memory really is bad), and then the Shite McFlurry HAHA.

I absolutely adored when his parents came on the stage, I was cheering really loudly :P.

Lol, I thought it was cute when John said he was gonna bring out someone who was special to him, and some man on John's right hand side shouted 'Is it Scott?', and he replied 'Nah, but he's over there with his family', pointing to his left side, and about half way from the top. And then, he was telling everyone about the story of Scott's party piece 'Rhinestone Cowboy', I was like O_O HAHAHA.

LOL, John can iron!! Lol I loved it when Danny came on and said that, and that little tale of backstage, I was thinking 'Godd, John can iron, but I can't! LOL'.

On the way to and from school today, and during, I didn't even need my iPod, I couldn't get these songs out of my head all day: 'One Night Only', 'Boogie Wonderland', 'I'm So Excited', 'Livin' La Vida Loca', 'From A Distance' and 'Both Sides Now'.
I think my English teacher, who's also my head of year, heard me singing under my breath 'One Night Only' during English, because when I was prefecting at Lunch, and she came along, I had just watched 'Livin' La Vida Loca', and was singing 'She'll make you take your clothes off and go dancing in the rain...', and she went to me 'Hannah stop singing.' and I was like 'I can't help it, I went to a concert last night.' She just walked off lol.

I remember on the way out of the Albert Hall, there was just this long line of people behind, and in front of me, all walking to the Tube Station, lols even one cabbie shouted out to us 'Where are all you going?'. 'Cause believe me when I say loads, I mean LOADS. Lol, and the tube that we didn't get on, you saw all the people from John's concert, running trying to get on the tube. Me and my mum were just sitting there staring at them lols, I was thinking, 'Yeah, no-one lives our way then'.

Damn, I've turned this into an essay *rolls eyes*. To be honest, I can't help it, I've been wanting to tell people about this all day, but as I've said before not many of my friends know who John is :/.

Ah well :P

If you've made it this far, godd you're amazing haha :P

I still can't believe I never posted it before *facepalm* lol

(You'll probably notice I get referred to as my birthname in here, I still do at school, only a few teachers know about me being Trans and they still call me by my birthname :/)
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