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Birthdate:Sep 26
Location:Rochester, Kent, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Hi, my name's Kynan. I'm a trans guy who likes to read slash of pretty men and gorgeous women :]

I'm a MAHOOOSIVE JB fan. I saw him in concert in the Royal Albert Hall on the 1st June xD, he was awesome, and i loved seeing Daniel Boys up on stage with him too. I Know Him So Well was beautiful, and I got teary lol. One of my favourite parts was definitely John undoing the buttons on his shirt during the line 'She makes you take your clothes off and go dancing in the rain' in Livin' La Vida Loca *smiles happily*

I have a soft spot for sexy welsh accents and GDL is just the sexiest welshman I have ever laid eyes on *smiles dreamily*

I ADORE TORCHWOOD AND SKINS!! (kinda explains my username)
If you don't know who Naomily (Naomi and Emily) are from Skins then you haven't seen nothing yet, they are the sexiest lesbian pairing I have ever laid eyes on (AND THEY'RE CANON!)
A bit like Janto then (Jack and Ianto), sexiest gay pairing ever and they're canon XD
I'm a born slash-reader by the way, for some reason, I can't stand reading het (except Clark/Lois from Smallville, anything else I can't read). Anything to do with Gwack (Jack/Gwen - Torchwood) on TV, fanvids or fanfiction, I stay FAR AWAY. I physically feel sick and literally shudder if I ever come across these scenes or writing *shudders*...
A few other shows I like are: Doctor Who, Smallville and Supernatural.

Ookay, I dunno what else to put here, but... Did I mention I'm obsessed with Torchwood? Yes? Oops, my bad lol XD

Kynan x
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